My Thinkfluencer Era Begins

I recently had the opportunity to be a source for an article on the Ruby programming language by Josh Fruhlinger, aka the Comics Curmudgeon. As a longtime Rubyist and big fan of Josh I was honestly thrilled.

There is one slight bit of context I want to offer, however. I'm quoted saying this:

Boeh, somewhat more bluntly, characterizes Python as "the language where I have met the most people who absolutely hate using it."

I just want to make it clear for my Python-loving colleagues and friends that I am not dunking on their beloved language. My remark was more about how far Python has extended into usage by scientists and other people who are not trained programmers and who find the whole command-line ecosystem alien and frustrating, especially things like package management. The point I was making was that Python itself might be vulnerable to an emerging competitor that offers a more streamlined, app-like experience.

That said, I'm totally happy with the article and am very grateful to Josh for including so much of my yakkin'. Now I am truly a thought leader. Before you know it they'll be inviting me on podcasts!