A glimpse of green between the cobbles

I started a new job in September 2022. This unfortunately coincided with the beginning of a gradual but significant health decline that culminated in my hospitalization in October '23. I left the hospital healthier, but very weak, and with several new diagnoses. Progress in recovering has been slow and somewhat intermittent, but recovery is happening. There's still a lot of work to do. In particular, I felt so sure that I was going to turn over a new leaf and start fixing the problems that had been burdening me even before I became ill. That I would start spending more time with friends and creating more beautiful things and writing thoughtfully and using my time well. It turns out that just wanting things to change isn't enough – it takes a lot of work, as well. It's frustrating not being where I want to be. But I'm here, at least. And I'm grateful for that. It's a start.